Who is FitKloud?

We are a team made up of individuals that are passionate, creative and real. Our focus is simple; we provide our members with an all-inclusive health and wellness experience.

FitKloud is based in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ. From our adventurous founders to our dedicated technology team, creative writers and nutritionists we embody the entrepreneurial spirit; always dreaming and looking for ways to improve. We have created a brand that is helping people lead healthier lives, by combining the latest and greatest technology, nutrition and expert advice available.



Who were we trying to reach?

That answer was easy; people, like us, who wanted to take control of their health and were up for a challenge and ready for change.


What could we provide that others didn’t?

After a ton of research, we realized that most lifestyle brands were one-size-fits-all. So naturally, we designed FitKloud to be the most customizable, personal and powerful lifestyle app on the market. FitKloud was made by us, for you, with you in mind.


Why did we call it FitKloud?

For starters, we understand and value community. All of us need support to reach our goals. It is ourbelief that a “Kloud” of fitness professionals, passionate about empowering people, along with up-to-the- minute technology and custom meal plans was the key to optimum health. We wanteveryone who desires real results to be a part of our “Fit” “Kloud” family.

Our Mission:Inspiring members to reach their personal wellness potential

We are dedicated to providing our FitKloud members with incredible products, services and support; enabling them to discover a life of wellness envied by many and experienced by few.

FitKloud is passionate about seeing our members discover optimum health; harnessing the power of new technology, personal trainers and custom nutrition. FitKloud is proud to be empowering our members to reinvent themselves by providing customized service and support throughout our member’s journey. We look forward to partnering with our members every step of the way.

FitKloud Family

3 kinds of life

We choose one of three kinds of life. We can live the caged life, trapped in our ears or bitterness or victimhood or sadness. We can live the comfortable life, a better life for sure, but often one of ease, indifference, boredom, or restlessness wehre our days are "fine" but not remarkable and fullfilling. Or we can live the charged life, an existence that is fully engaged, energized, enthusiastic. It's a more vibrant and heightened experience defined by more presence, challenge, growth, connection, and creative contributions. Which life we live is a matter of will and habit, of maturity and motivation and consciousness.

Brendon Burchard

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